Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Servanthood Sunday

The 4-5-6 graders at our church were part of a Servanthood Blitz a few weekends ago.  The kids rotated to four different areas of the building to do a project that helped one of our servanthood partners.

They made over 50 cards for the residents at Luther Manor that will be used to send them greetings throughout the year.

They popped bins of expired medications from their packs so they could be properly disposed.  Our church has a pill sorting project that organizes and donates medications (which have been donated to us from doctors and hospitals) to the Bread of Healing Free Clinic in Milwaukee.  The medications are antibiotics and high blood pressure drugs.

They tied quilts to give to the kids at Florist Avenue Church, so they will have a warm blanket at Christmas.

And they washed every toy and surface in the nursery.

Half way through we served pizza and ice cream at the end.  It was a great day and each kid got to experience what Jesus teaches us all - to be a blessing to others!!

Julia (bottom row, second from the left)  Caroline (last on the right).